Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a city with many dimensions. Not all are immediately evident at first glance. but spend any length of time in the city and you’ll learn it’s a city of contrasts. Nowhere else on the planet does old meet new, rich meet poor, flashy meet tradition in the way it does in Hong Kong. We’ve compiled a list of 10 fascinating facts about Hong Kong that you probably didn’t know,

  1. The Word ‘Hong Kong’ Means Fragrant Harbour Hong Kong used to be a major harbour for the transportation of the fragrant agarwood. This created a nice fragrant in the harbour area to cover up the normal fishy whiffs.
  2. Hong Kong’s Tim Ho Wan is the World’s Cheapest Michelin Star Restaurant A dim sum restaurant located in Mongkok that serves small ‘one bite’ dishes. Each dish starts at around 15HKD (USD$ 2).
  3. Hong Kongers Drink 3 Times More Tea Than the World Average This works out to be 1.4 KG (3lb) tea per person per year – That’s more than the British.
  4. Hong Kong has Some of the Lowest tax Rates in the World The basic tax rate in Hong Kong is just 2%. Even the top level is 17% tax, but this only applies if you’re earning 120,000 HKD (about USD14,000) per month.
  5. Hong Kong is the Home of the Worlds Most Expensive Bottle of Wine Ever Sold In 2010 an auction house sold a single bottle of Chateau Lafite’s 1869 Wine for $230,000. This makes the single most expensive bottle of wine sold in history.
  6. Hong Kong Has More Rolls Royce Owners Per Head Than Any Other City.
  7. Mongkok is the Most Densely Populated Place on the Planet with a population density of130,000/km2 or 340,000 per square mile, it’s twice as densely populated as Manhatten Island.
  8. Hong Kong has the World’s Highest Life Expectancy At 87.32 years for women and 81.24 years for men, they’re doing something right.
  9. Causeway Bay in Hong Kong Island has the Highest Retail Rent in the World Rent in this area averages $2870 (USD$368) per sq ft per month.
  10. Hong Konger’s are the Smartest People in the World The Average IQ in Hong Kong is 108, This is higher than any other country.

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