Birds Eye View of Tai Po – Hong Kong

Tai Po is off the Radar to all but the most determined travellers. It’s primarily a residential area, however it still has a rich cultural heritage in it’s own right. Located about 25 miles north of Hong Kong Island, nearer the border with China than Hong Kong, it houses around 300,000 of Hong Kong’s 7.3 million citizens. With a much lower population density than Kowloon it provides some relative peace away from the bustle of Hong Kong Island.

A Birds Eye View

Aerial photographer William Maddicott shows us an often unseen view of this hidden area.

Each of the five ‘Y’ shaped buildings below is divided up into 34 floors. Each floor has 24 flats on and each flat contains on average 3 or 4 residents.

Fu Shin Estate in Tai Po - Hong Kong



Plover Cover, is a heaven for those looking to escape the city life. Come any day of the week and you can find Hong Konger’s cycling, walking, and flying kites. It’s an incredible piece of tranquility in one of the world’s busiest cities. The Reservoir is the only reservoir in the sea in the world! It was completed in the 1960’s to help supply the cities growing demand for fresh drinking water, but is now no longer required.

The green freshwater is contrasted nicely against the blue saltwater on the other side of the dam.

Plover Cove reservoir

On the saltwater side of the dam it’s possible to rent rowing boats to take out for a row!

Boats for hire in Tai Mei Tuk


Tai Po is home to around 300,000. This means that a certain amount of living on top of one another is inevitable,

Hong Kong from Above

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