A History of Hong Kong’s Ever Changing Skyline

Hong Kong has a long and interesting history, more than we could ever hope to cover in a quick post such as this. What we can cover is the photographic records showing how Hong Kong’s skyline has changed from that of a small, rather unassuming fishing village, to the self proclaimed ‘Asia’s World City’.

These rare photos of Hong Kong in the 1880’s, showing the city just as the peak tram was being built, expanding the liveable area in Hong Kong

A postcard dated from 1906 shows Hong Kong creeping up Victoria peak, thanks to the new tramway.

Hong Kong in 1910’s, the city’s starting to become more dense and built up

The Skyline remained relatively unchanged in the 1920’s due to the politial uncertainty in the reigon

BY 1928 the buildings at the waterfront were starting to gain height as the city continued to climb up Victoria.

The 1950’s and 60’s were when Hong Kong really began grow. Many refugees entered British owned Hong Kong to escape Mao’s cultural revolution. This influx of cheap labour helped kick start Hong Kong’s economy, and transformed Hong Kong into the world’s manufacturing capital, creating everything from toys to auto mobile parts

Hong Kong in the 1960’s – starting to look much like the city we know today

In the 1970’s the land reclamation project began to free up where Wan Chai now sits.

In 1979 the first cross harbour tunnel opened, linking for the two sides on Hong Kong for the first time. This meant that residents we’re no longer reliant on the star city ferry.

1989 saw the MTR railway system developed heavily to help transport the cities ballooning population

The Mid levels escalator which was the longest escalator in the world was opened in 1993, which helped open up areas for residential development

By the turn of the century much of Hong Kong’s colonial past had been lost. Hong Kong’s board of Antiquities and Monuments had tried but failed to retain Hong Kong’s past for all to see.

Hong Kong in 2017 is now completely unrecognisable from it’s humble beginnings. The finance capital of the world, with Mongkok boasting more dubious record of the worlds most densely populated residential area.



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  1. I love your site, glad I’ve found it! Hong Kong changes so much so quickly doesn’t it? I lived there in the ’90s, but I’m sure I’d barely recognise it were I to go back today.
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