Tianmen Mountain Skywalk – Coiling Dragon Cliff

Located on Coiling Dragon Cliff, Tianmen Mountain Skywalk is a real test for any acrophile. This glass walkway which clings precariously 4600ft (1400m) to Coiling Dragon Cliff Face is only 2.5 inches thick. The 330ft walkway gives dizzying views of the drop below. Opened in August 2016 the Tianmen MountainSkywalk was a subsequent upgrade to the genuinely dangerous wooden walkway it replaced. The panoramic views of Hunan’s Zhangjiajie National Forest Park are fantastic both up and down. The view below of the impressive Zhangjiajie ‘Sky’ Road, showcases this road and its 99 tight bends in all it’s glory.

Getting to Tianmen Mountain Skywalk requires a ride on the world’s longest cable car, an experience in itself. A seven km journey that takes 30 minutes and takes you over some of the sheer drops and dramatic mountain peaks. At 37 degrees at its steepest point, this is a great introduction to the Tianmen Mountain Skywalk that awaits you above.

The cable car departs from the railway station in Zhangjiajie. It operates from 7:30am in summer, and 8:00am in winter. It’s advisable to get there early, and try and beat all the Chinese tourist groups who inevitably take a long time to clear the cable car. Cost is 258 Yuan.

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