Thor’s Well – Oregon’s Never Ending Plug Hole

Thors Well Photo

Sitting just off the Oregon coast in the Cape Perpetua scenic area, lies Thor’s Well, also known as the Gateway to Hell, a rare natural phenomenon that draws in sightseers from the US and around the world alike. Created when an underground cave collapsed into itself resulting in what appears to be an infinitely deep drain. In reality though it’s only a mere 6 meter (20 foot) deep

Image courtesy of AmazingWorldPlaces

Thor’s well is most impressive at high tide (tide times can be viewed here, when the waves are most violent and continuously funnel water into the hole.

Thors Well
Image courtesy of AmazingWorldPlaces

While there are no recorded deaths at Thor’s Well, visitors are encouraged to be careful, as the rocks are covered with alge, and an accident slip would be fatal. The currents in Thor’s Well would pull anyone underneath the water more or less instantly

Birds Over Thors Well
Image courtesy of AmazingWorldPlaces

Getting there:

Nearest Major Airport:

Portland International Airport (code – PDX), – 3.5 hours drive away

Nearest Minor Airport:

Southwest Oregon Regional Airport (code – OTH) – 1.5 hours away

If you’re driving then it’s west of highway 101, South of the Cape Perpetua Visitor Center in Cook’s Chasm.

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