Ryugyong Hotel: North Korea’s Doomed Pyongyang Hotel

It’s no surprise that large hotel’s take a while to built. Ryugyong Hotel in North Korea’s capital Pyongyang takes the record though. Construction started in 1987 and it was due to be competed two years later in 1989. If this mega structure had opened on schedule it would have been the seventh tallest building in the world, and the highest hotel. A lack or resources however, delayed construction. As of 1992 only the outer shell had been competed. The Soviet Union collapsed in 1992 taking with it much of the hotel’s funding, which resulted in a halt to construction. At this point the hotel had cost $750 million, or 2% of North Korea’s GDP. The huge 330 meter tall structure sat untouched until 2006 when an Egyptian firm took on Ryugyong Hotel’s completion. The aim was to get the hotel

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One thought on “Ryugyong Hotel: North Korea’s Doomed Pyongyang Hotel

  1. I had never heard of or seen this building! Crazy looking and even crazier history. Hope the Egyptians get this ‘pyramid’ done!

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