Best Beach Resort’s Near Manilla in the Philippines

The Philippines is endowed with an incredible coastline and is the rightly considered a haven for backpackers and budget travellers from all over the world. Many of these beaches can be found near Manilla and are easily accessible to visitors with very little stress. We’ve picked our top three beach resorts near Manilla below.

Pundaquit Beach

The now idyllic Pundaquit beach is a product of a devastating volcanic eruption when Mt. Pinatubo erupted in June 1991, killing 847. While deeply devastating at the time, the eruption covered the surrounding areas of Anawangin and Nagsasa in ash, creating some pristine beaches. The area has a unique geology that serves as a subtle reminder on the power of nature.

How To Get To Anawangin Or Nagsasa

Travelling to the coves of Anawangin Or Nagsasa from Manilla takes 3 hours. Several bus companies run the Manila to Iba route e.g Victory Liners. All buses on the way to Iba stop off at San Antonio, the gate way to the beaches of Anawangin Or Nagsasa.

Nagsasa and Anawangin Cove are located in Barangay Pundaquit in the city of San Antonio, Zambales. Campers must get off the bus in the town of San Antonio, in front of the Municipal Hall and take a 10-minute tricycle ride to Pundaquit Beach.
Trekking is also a good option. Anawangin Cove can be reached after a 4-5-hour hike over Mt. Pundaquit (Jump-off point: Pundaquit), while Nagsasa after a 5-6-trek over Mt. Nagsasa from Sitio San Martin, Subic.
The coves are in the remote, underdeveloped mountainous parts of the province where network signal and electricity is not present. Camper should buy sufficient food at the town center, as food is scarce. There is a market at the back of the municipal town hall where provision and other personal needs to be bought before heading off to Pundaquit beach
Sir Williams Lodge & Beach Resort
This is not far from the city center. It is just 150.0 km, and it is also close to the airport.
At Sir Williams Lodge & Beach Resort, the excellent service and superior facilities make for an unforgettable stay. The hotel offers 24-hour room service, Wi-Fi in public areas, car park, room service, family room.

This beach located at the southernmost tip of Batangas has managed to fly under the radar all these years, preserving its natural beauty and pristine state. Two things can take credit for it. One is its location. Tucked in a relatively obscure municipality (Lobo isn’t one of the first towns to come to mind when we think of Batangas), it can be reached by meandering along mountainsides, an hour from Batangas City and a total of 3 hours from Manila, if you’re fast and lucky.
Unique Features
The Malabrigo Beach is one of the beach resorts near Manila that is known to have some of the most alluring and unique features. A few of these features will be treated here.
Pebble Shore
Malabrigo shore doesn’t have the usual white sand that most beach bums chase. In fact, sand is nowhere to be found, and in its stead are small- to medium-size gray and white cobbles spread over the beach. No, you won’t see it glitter under the sun. The game of sand-throwing is not possible, as there is no sand anywhere. But it is comfortable. Comfortable enough for other non-sandy beach activities. The sea is an ocean of gems. Sapphire and emerald hues blend under the Batangan sun.
Batangas has two lighthouses: Cape Santiago in Calatagan and Punta de Malabrigo in Lobo. Both were part of the Spaniards’ project of illuminating the key maritime routes in the country. The Malabrigo parola, as it is locally known, guides the seafarers tackling the Verde Island Passage to Tayabas Bay.
From Manila, board a bus going to Batangas City and get off at Balagtas or Diversion (around P150). Take a jeepney heading to SM Batangas or tricycle and tell the driver to drop you off at the jeepney terminal heading for Lobo. Take another jeepney to Lobo (P53) and then tricycle to Malabrigo Beach.

Tucked on the southern edge of Quezon, the towns of Padre Burgos and Pagbilao face Tayabas Bay, a channel that separates mainland Luzon and Marinduque. This side of Quezon is only four to five hours away, even shorter than it would take to reach Pangasinan and Baguio.
How To Get There By Public Transportation
Ride a bus to Lucena City. There are many terminals in Metro Manila that go to Lucena. The fare is somewhere between P250-260. Travel time: approximately 3 hours. Alight at Lucena Grand Terminal. Take another bus from the terminal to Unisan. The bus is not air-conditioned, and the fare is around P35-40. Travel time: 1 and a half hours.Get off at QCRB Bank (Padre Burgos) or ask the driver to drop you off here.Take a tricycle to Aplaya. Tell the driver you intend going to Borawan. In Aplaya, you will find boats for rent; which can convey you on an island-hopping tour with stops in Puting Buhangin (Pagbilao), Dampalitan Island and Borawan Island. P2000, good for ten pax.

Places To Visit In Padre Burgos And Pagbilao, Quezon
Boats from Padre Burgos port will take you to the next islands. All these can be visited in one day, but you might want to consider spending the night in one of the islands. There are no resorts or hotels in Borawan and Dampalitan Islands, but overnight camping is allowed. If you’re not the type who gets too excited about camping, there are several resorts in the mainland that you may opt to stay. One of such resort is Silangang Nayon Restaurant and Resort. Located in Pagbilao, it is a popular stop among Bicol-bound road-trippers who are eager to have a taste of their delicious Pinoy seafood dishes. They have only a small number of rooms available so if you’re going in the peak season, make reservations in advance.

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